May 8, 2015

April Meeting, 2015

Berene started the meeting by introducing our first ever Block Lottery. Its a simple and clever idea where each participating guild member makes a couple of blocks following the same pattern and colour scheme, and then at the next meeting we do a draw, and whoever wins gets to take home all the blocks. Et voila, instant quilt top! This block is called "Pick up Sticks" and Berene has very kindly put together a tutorial for them which I will post next week. 

Valerie had this Pop-y little block to show. The checkerboard sections are made with hand dyed fabric from Cherrywood Hand-Dyed Fabrics. The colours are amazing, and the texture of them is like butter. They almost have a suede-y feel. She originally started out with the white sections left plain, but then later added the appliquéd circles in a polka-dot print, which really kick things up a notch.

This spunky little baby quilt was made by Dia. 

I had to get a close-up of the adorable print. It has such a sweet vintage feel. 

Doris belongs to two quilt guilds, and her other guild had a mini quilt challenge along the theme of "Spring". This is the first one she made, very bright and happy and flower-filled. 

And this is the minimalist version of Spring. I think they a both great, but the little sprouts of grass are so simple and perfect. Which do you like more?

This little bit of Op-Art inspired awesomeness was made by Rebecca for a challenge by the American Made Brand fabric company, using their homegrown cotton fabrics. Its so crisp and clean!

Rebecca also made this striking baby quilt, loosely based on a Gee's Bend Quilt. 

And ever since Laura showed us her neat idea to embroider the dedication for the quilt on the binding, its certainly catching on. 

This is quilt a top that Berene whipped up for her sister. Does it remind you of anything? I'll give you a hint: its called "Boob Love". Her sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Berene wanted to design something fun and uplifting to send her. And so this lovely pair will do just fine. Simple, heartfelt and full of humour and love. 

Susan is a new member of our guild, and a new quilter to boot. This little number is, I believe, her very first finished quilt! Pretty impressive. And she's already knee deep in plans for the next one. 

Katrina was busy sewing the binding onto the wall hanging quilt that she made with those beautiful little Carolyn Friedlander "Olive" tree blocks from the last meeting. It sure did come together beautifully. 

And look at the back! I'm in love with this quilt back. 

This eye-popping quilt was designed and made by Laura. I've never seen anything like it, and may have to ask her for her secrets so that I can make it too.  Its called "Along the 45.1".

Here's another baby quilt (by the way, I'd like to say thank you to all our friends who keep having babies and allow us the chance to make small, adorable quilts) that Sue is making for one of her friends at Choir! Choir! Choir! (if you don't know of Choir! Choir! Choir! you should totally check them out on youtube) and is putting it together in record time. Its such a perfect blend of timeless and modern. Whoever the lucky recipient is will love it. 

Sydney brought in this MASSIVE quilt (compared to all the baby quilts we usually bring in). Its from a pattern called Butter Churn. She had it laying around all put together and quilted, but missing a binding for three years. But now here it is, all finished and ready to be used. 

Lynda made this colourful wall hanging with hand dyed fabric from a workshop that she did at Quilt Canada. (I am always super impressed by people who take it to this level.) Its called "Birds Heading West".

There is all sorts of delicious texture and detail and hand embroidery going on here. Each bird is different, but clearly going to the same party. 

We ended our meeting with Rebecca showing us how to make this bag using a circular, non-stop strip technique that was really cool. I took some pictures and will see if I get around to making up a tutorial for it to share here. I'm totally making one of these. 

April 9, 2015

March Meeting, 2015 - New Space!

We got a lovely surprise when we arrived at The Workroom, our usual meeting place for the guild, because Karen, the proprietor, offered us the use of her *new* studio space as a location for this months meeting!
Look at that! Its so big and bright and spacious! We got some chairs, passed around some snacks and got right down to business. And by "business", I mean showing off what we all made this month. Get yourself a cup of tea and settle in because this is going to be a loooooong post. 

Doris was working on this bright and beautiful quilt, trying to decide how it should be quilted together, now that she has is all sandwiched up. There were a lot of good suggestions, and we'll have to see for the next meeting what she decides to go with. 

Here's the fun-filled back.

Julie is taking part in an Instagram rainbow mini-quilt themed swap (#rainbowminiswap) hosted by Katebasti. These adorable little hexies are 3/4 inch sized. She decided to keep this hexie project….

…and make this one for the swap instead! There is going to be a very happy swap recipient out there if you ask me. This thing is gorgeous!

Sadly, this was Dana's last meeting with us. Dana is originally from the Ukraine, and has been visiting Canada for the last little while, and joined our little guild in order to "experience the authentic North American quilt guild culture." She does beautiful work (like that amazing hand quilted bag in the picture above that she had finished making for a friend), and we were happy to have her join our meetings for a short time.

And here's a stunning blue and white quilt top she just completed. She's now continuing on in her travels, heading off the the United States for awhile before she goes home to the Ukraine. Bon Voyage Dana!

Leanne had dyed some of her own fabric and was hand-sewing some flying geese, in the most soft and subtle colours. 

And Zorianna was also making some flying geese blocks, to be added around this adorable animal block to make stars. 

Lisa was very productive this month. She made this eye catching mini quilt based on the Carolyn Friedlander pattern "Groove", using Doe fabric.

And then she made this handy little thing. Its a sort of notebook cozy/caddy that has a space for your pens and cards and electronics...

…and can be conveniently attached to whatever notebook/agenda/sketchbook you happen to be using. And as a bonus, it is very pretty. 

And to top it all off she made this beautiful quilt! 

Even the back is pretty! And its all basted and ready to go for quilting. 

Carol brought in this finished baby quilt to show us. It is made with Sandy Gervais' "Flirt" fabric line from Moda. So its called "Flirting with Flirt". Naturally. She used two charm packs of "Flirt", sewed up  into half-square triangles and set into chevrons. So pretty!

Valerie brought in the most jaw-dropping gorgeous modern interpretation of a traditional curved/ring pattern, like a Snake Trail or Wedding Ring.

And look at this beautiful number!

Here's a close up so you can see the sweet little bird houses and the bead details. Also, the quilting is amazing. So much great texture in this piece. 

Adrienne took up Julie's generous hexie challenge (where she gave us pre-cut fabric and paper templates and told us to go to it) and made this beautiful notebook cover. She appliquéd the hexes onto some bonded leather that she reclaimed from a sofa.

I'm telling you, the light in this place was gorgeous. Everyone looked like a woman out of a Vermeer painting. Katrina here is obviously contemplating her next quilting project…

Katrina had been on a bit of a sewing retreat, and so had a lot to show us. This finished top is made from the Mixtape quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

And this the Stepping Stones pattern from Quilting Modern by Jackie Gering and Katie Pedersen.

But wait, there's more!
Look at theses sweet little tree blocks. They are paper pieced from Carolyn Friedlander's "Olive" pattern. 

I'm going to have to put these on my project "wish list". Also, these fabric choices are so great! 

Laura had made the most delightful baby quilt for her friends. She calls it "Love Bundle", and its adapted from and Orange Peel like pattern from the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop book by Katy Jones. 

The fabric is all from Sarah Jane's "Wee Wander" line. I love the panel that she used on the back!

But here's the sweetest bit of all! Look at that lovely little dedication, hand embroidered on the binding. Such a great idea for where to put the label!

Sue brought in a finished Around the World quilt that I am just in love with. The beautiful palette of brights and neutrals gives it a really lovely antique feel, and yet it looks so fresh and modern. A great blend of traditional pattern and modern fabric. 

And we all ooohed and aaaahed over the handwriting number text fabric on the back. I remember it being sold at Ikea ages ago and am kicking myself that I did not buy it when I saw it. 

Debi used the handy interfacing method to make these postage stamp blocks that are destined to be cushion covers. I've used this technique before, and its brilliant. 

She made this nice little charm pack window-box style block as well. 

Jeannie brought in her eye-popping 'cover girl' quilt, Kaleido (which she designed herself of course) as featured on the front of Januray/February issue of Quilty. Such a great accomplishment. 

And here's another little something she's been working on, from The New Hexagon book. I am amazed and inspired by this. Everybody went crazy for it, so I feel like we'll be seeing more of these from our guild in the future...

Samara also took up Julie's hexie challenge, and made this awesome appliquéd zip pouch. 

and then she busted out THIS amazingness. 

These are appliquéd imaginary portraits of her high school classmates from the 80's. Sort of. Basically they are not based on real people, so much as based on style trends that she remembered her classmates embracing, like tuxedo t-shirts and porkpie hats. 

Berene brought in this sweet little market bag. Its from a design my Ayumi Takahashi of the Pink Penguin blog, and is published in the book Make It, Take It, authored by Krista Hennebury. 

She also showed us this adorable mini quilt featuring little purses that actually snap open! This one is her own design. 

Rebecca is, as usual, the Queen of the Neutrals. This quilt top was made by her and her daughter. It was her daughter's first patchwork experience, so she's off to a great start. 

And speaking of starts, we are at the finish! Thanks for sticking around all the way to the end of this epic post. And come back next month for more.